We are not currently registered this year with the DofE, however we will be registered for expeditions next year so please contact us for further information on how to book an expedition and assessor. Whilst this site is under development and, although there is an example of our DofE trips as shown in the Grand Canyon and Mount Whitney itineraries, please go to our home page​ for other activity options, in which there are prices and itineraries. Naturally, the 20 conditions will be applied. A UK practice has to take place for all expeditions except for ski touring and jungle expeditions, when the practice expedition will take place in the venue of the qualifying expedition in the destination country. Any variation to this would need to be agreed on a case by case basis by us and HQ DofE.

If there are venues not shown on our web site that you would like us to consider for your group’s future expeditions, please contact us and we will arrange it for you.